Pryor Rayburn                                      Corrie Manis                                      Emmie Dawson

The Art Salon

Mother and daughter team Emmie Dawson and Pryor Dawson Rayburn founded The Art Salon in 2014. Having admired and collected art for years, friends often asked for their help in finding and selecting art because they found traditional galleries intimidating or they couldn't envision the art on their walls. Thus, they started The Art Salon! 

In 2017 Corrie Manis joined the team, bringing years of professional experience in the arts, as well as a passion for discovering and collecting emerging artists.

The Art Salon brings a wide variety of artists together and showcases their work in private homes.  We represent upcoming and established artists from all over the east coast, bringing thoughtfully curated collections of works at reasonable prices to those interested in collecting art. 

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